About Camille

HR Insight is Camille Keefe. For over 15 years, she’s been turning people “problems” into solutions for making businesses stronger and more prosperous.


camilleCamille Keefe is an expert strategic advisor to senior management on all things people. She has a keen understanding of the importance of a dedicated and skilled workforce to a company’s success. For over fifteen years, she has been advising senior managers and the teams on which they depend. Forward-thinking businesses, universities and government agencies have sought her counsel.

Here’s why:

Experience. While earning her Masters degree in Human Resources Management and Development from Chapman University, Camille served as Vice President of Human Resources for Cucina! Cucina! and Schwartz Brothers Restaurants. Food service is an intensely people-dependent business, and Camille distinguished herself by combining her knowledge of sound business practices with a strong education in behavioral science. Her success inspired her to create her own consulting practice in 1995.

Effectiveness. Camille is bold, resourceful and innovative. She actively seeks out the people and information she needs to thoroughly and accurately identify, assess and address the organization’s employee-related challenges.

Insight. This is perhaps the defining characteristic of working with Camille. Again and again, her clients extol her remarkable ability to pinpoint what needs to be done and how to do it. They greatly appreciate her candid, plain-speaking manner. She’s tempers her pragmatic, realistic observations with genuine compassion and empathy.

She loves her job … and clients love the job she does for them.