“Camille Keefe is an exceptional human resources consultant and a trusted, experienced professional. She has a keen understanding of behavior and can be counted on to handle difficult situations sensitively. She is realistic about what her services can accomplish and fair in what she charges. She communicates effectively with both HR professionals and the staff she coaches or assists. All of that, and she is a delight to work with! 

In other words, if you are looking to find a proven, effective human resources consultant, Camille Keefe would be an excellent choice.”

Evelyn Lemoine
VP People Programs, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce


“Camille is extremely insightful and very knowledgeable about the many challenges facing personnel managers. I appreciate her straightforward approach and always feel I gain practical advice when consulting with her.”

Darcell Slovek-Walker
Chief Executive Officer, Transitional Resources


“Camille was the original “HR Business Partner” before the term was even invented! She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the human resource world and always looks at things through a very pragmatic business lens. Camille is a master at helping companies navigate through the gray areas where employees, executive teams and the law so often intersect. I highly recommend her for any project requiring the assistance of an expert, objective HR pro. She’s the best!”

Matt Youngquist
President, Career Horizons


“Camille has the uncanny ability to identify underlying workplace issues in a non-threatening way and move her clients toward productive resolutions. Very challenging personality styles, negatively charged interpersonal issues, or explosive internal politics are no problem for Camille. She has the ability to coach, mentor, and develop leadership skills in others no matter what the environment.”

Catherine Dovey, SPHR
Principal, Compensation Works


“I have worked with Camille on several occasions and found her to be an outstanding HR professional. As with many HR-related projects, where we thought we were going was not where we wound up going. That is because more important issues came up that necessitated a change in course. The ultimate direction always turned out to be the right one to follow, and Camille navigated those course changes very well. Camille is easy to work with and she also has that unique ability to relate well to all employees. I recommend her highly.”

Tim O’Leary
Consultant and Owner, Print Management


“Camille initially helped us by providing management training and by counseling employees. Everyone she worked with gave me great feedback. Camille has a lot of experience and is well grounded in best HR practices, but what really sets her apart are her amazing interpersonal skills. She knows how to deal with challenging personalities; she manages to get people on her side without steamrolling them. She uses interpersonal dynamics to get their buy-in. Personally, Camille gave me helpful suggestions in dealing with employees which I have taken into my toolbox and continue to use. I feel I’ve grown as an HR manager thanks to working with Camille. With Camille you have the satisfaction of knowing she completely understands your unique challenges and has the experience and know-how to provide the right answers.”

Debbie Kirchner
VP Operations/HR Aiphone Corporation


“Camille is extremely knowledgeable and can really get to the core of a personnel issue. When she interviews a team, she excels at getting at root causes; it’s really stunning! I have deep regard for her ability to assess a situation and offer concrete solutions and valuable, insightful guidance to a manager. When we worked together I learned a lot about my style, how my team viewed me and what I could do to make things even better. I was dealing with a challenging multigenerational team and I found her tremendously insightful. Together we created really good strategies for working effectively with all those groups.”

Gaynor Hills
Development Director, The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research



“Camille has many talents and skills that have helped our Studio from top to bottom. The staff of 90 have gained skills and benefited greatly thanks to her training and education. Personally, she has been one of the greatest coaches and resources I have ever come across.”

Billy O’Neill
Vice President of Sales and Operations, Chihuly Studio


“Camille has helped us with personnel challenges many times over the past dozen years. She’s very intuitive, a great listener, and always brings practical experience to the table. She has a knack for generating creative solutions to a wide variety of problems. Camille has made us see how living our HR policies directly impacts our culture and success on a daily basis. I highly recommend her.”

Jeff Taylor
President, Valley Supply Company


“Camille always leaves a company better than she found it. Her ability to assist with our strategic planning has paid off three and four years down the line. Camille works with an organization to leverage its strengths while minimizing its weaknesses. Camille is a great collaborator; she synthesizes information from all parts of the business, weaving a detailed picture to help form a successful strategy without upending the organization in the process. Camille’s integrity and affability make her a pleasure to work with. I have grown both personally and professionally by working with Camille.”

    Anne Eskridge
Director, Materials Management, University of Washington


“Camille is a consummate professional with the highest level of personal and professional ethics and integrity. She is an HR pro, with a vast and deep knowledge of HR combined with a well balanced approach to delivering results through people, strategically and tactically. I highly recommend Camille if you’re looking for HR support or expertise, you’ll be glad you did!”

Tom Griffith
Strategic Advisor, Seattle Public Utilities